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Detailed Breakdown of Game Play

Does a good blocking fullback really affect the offense, and how do you use blockers on pass/runs?

First of all, a great blocking fullback rated as a "5" has that point total added to the run blocking total for running plays, as does the TE blocking rating. Each offensive lineman, tight end and running back are scored for their ability to block. A solid fullback can result in a significant increase in the running game. It is recommended to go after a solid fullback than two star halfbacks in the backfield. The reasoning is, you will save with the salary cap, and while the one halfback may get keyed on more, the increase in effectiveness from the fullback will far outweight being keyed on over the course of the game.

How effective is blitzing?

Depending on who you choose to blitz, they get their RUSH rating plus ONE POINT added to the blitz total.  It doesn't matter which side they are playing on.  So, a player with a rush rating of 1 would add 2 to the blitz total, regardless of which side he plays on. The higher the blitz total the more likely a sack, interception or incompletion will occur.

The rules say that "play action" adds 10% to the completion % if the defense "chooses RUN".  Just what defenses exactly are considered to be "choosing RUN"?

Only choosing RUN DEFENSE is considered to be choosing run.  Choosing PASS DEFENSE is the opposite and SUBTRACTS 10% from the completion % if you choose play action. 

Does having a three receiver set increase the completion percentage, or does it just make it harder to key the right receiver?

Three receivers or more does nothing to increase completion percentage, but it DOES make dump offs more successful, and it does make it harder to double cover the right receiver.

How does "Motion" help/hurt?

The ONLY statistical thing it does is slightly increase completion percentage if the defense is playing MAN coverage. This is due to the receiver can get off the line of scrimmage cleanly.

How do the fatigue rules work?  Can you really get away with using no usage restrictions in a league by using just the fatigue rules?

A runner that carries over 150% of his real carries will see his average per carry reduced by 60%, and runners with less than 25 total real season carries get reduced even further. For non-traditional runners (i.e. WRs), they get their per carry average reduced to ZERO after 150% usage! This reduction percentage builds up gradually from 100% to 150% also.  So, if you have a runner that averaged 5.0 yards per carry over 50 attempts in the real NFL season, his average per carry will go down gradually starting at 51 attempts until it reaches 3.0 yards per carry at 75 attempts.

Why did the WFL move to Action! PC Football and away from APBA?

Rumors circulated in 1997 of the instability of APBA and the real possibility that APBA may fold due to MMI (their parent company) filing for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the rumors turned out to be true.  MMI has filed for bankruptcy and the APBA building on Millersvill Rd. is up for sale.

Due to the fact that the WFL is based on "having fun" in the computer simulation arena, we are "privately funded" and are not funded by APBA so we can move forward. After considering many other football simuation games with Scott Griffin, the WFL decided to move to Action! PC Football. Based on the response from our league coaches, the game is superior to APBA in nearly every phase. Finally, they are able to play football -- not APBAball.

How many players can I have on my roster, if I have less than 50, is that okay?

You MUST have at least 50 to fill out the game roster. Having less than 50 is not allowed.  If you have less than 50, please contact the commissioner immediately, players will be randomly assigned to your team (player(s) assigned to your team in this random fashion MUST be cut after the season). There is no maximum roster size as we use the NFL's salary cap.

What is the salary cap?

The cap is integrated into the game itself. We use the salaries of the NFL and not the salaries generated by Action as they are unrealistic.

What if I need a few positions filled for backups, and no one is willing to trade?

Please contact the commissioner. Players can be randomly assigned (see above).

Do I need to send a copy of my roster in?

Absolutely. This will only include the player's last name, first name, position and NFL Team (this will be sent out as an e-mail, and also placed on the Internet). That is it.

Do I need to do a depth chart again?

No. A depth chart is not required this season.

Do I need to include my Collegiate Draft picks on my typed roster as well?

Not unless you want to cut them already! Please be aware. If you leave a player off of your roster and the season begins, you have CUT that player! Your Collegiate Players are NOT a part of your 56-man roster.

What if I do not get my team in on time?

This is not an option.  For every day the roster is late, it will cost the coach a $250,000 per day fine in salary cap (with a minimum of $750,000). If this puts your team over the cap, you will be forced to cut players.



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