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Welcome to PCFootball.com, your #1 source for the "Thinking Man's Guide to Fantasy Football." Here we spotlight our own fantasy league, the Wasatch Football League (WFL), Madden 2006, profiles on past NFL stars, our own NFL replay, and so much more.

The Members Section is only for coaches of the WFL, and we do not allow membership beyond the twenty-four coaches that we currently have. If you are interested, please apply for a position.

The Wasatch Football League

The foundation of PCFootball.com is our simulation league, the WFL. The simulation software we use is from Action! PC Football. We have full rosters and our coaches play a full 16-game schedule through simulation against their opponent. This is a true thinking man's game. This is not for the causual fantasy football coach. We offer:
  • 65-player rosters
  • Continuous ownership
  • NFL Salary Cap
  • Collegiate Draft
  • Free Agency
  • Currently 24 coaches

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Madden 2006

Read up on the current future replay, taking the NFL into the next 30 years. See how the NFL may shape up, the top rushers, passers and receivers. Also, get the latest tips and hints to bring up your Madden skills.

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NFL Replays

Ever wonder what would happen if Brett Favre was never traded to the Packers? Would the Falcons have been a power-house? Would "Prime Time" have left if Favre was there? The landscape of the league may be a lot different.

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