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1. You may not post any new player on the board, the player must be submitted to the commissioner and he will post the player at the appropriate time. Due to the number of players currently being bid on, there may be a delay of a few days.

2. You CANNOT go over the salary cap at any time. This includes ALL bids (i.e. if you are $3M under the cap - the cumulative figure of all of your bids must be $3M or less, it cannot be more). If you go over, you will be fined $250,000 per occurance.

3. Start your bidding early.

4. Bidding ends at midnight (board time) August 15th.

5. Any player who has not received a bid in 48 hours will be closed and the team who has the highest bid will be awarded that player. If a player has received zero bids during this time, the player is "closed".

6. When players are awarded, the status of the bid is changed to "closed" and you will see a LOCK icon representing this. No more bids are accepted by the system.

7. In the event that a coach bids on a player AFTER the 48 hour period but before the commissioner closes out the bid, the offending coach will be fined $50,000. The fine will also be imposed for any bid not exceeding the previous bid. There are no exceptions to this rule.

8. You may trade a player who you acquire in free agency, but half of their salary counts against your cap, and will carry forward to future seasons.

9. Cutting a player during this process, including a free agent you acquired, will result in half of the players salary counting against the cap and will carry forward to future seasons.

10. Trading players on your team to another team to acquire cap room carries no penalty (only if that player was NOT a free agent).

11. It is highly suggested that you do not bid for more than what you have room under the cap. Should you acquire the players and go over the cap, you are fined $250,000 in cap space for each day your team is over the cap.

Note: Remember all fines carry over to future years, so you hurt your team in future years for poor decisions this year - just as it occurs in the NFL.

Please be mindful of others during the bidding process. Get your bids in early - and keep the bidding process going. If you wait until the last minute, all you are doing is lengthening the bidding process. There is a cap of 75 players maximum that can be bid on, so by lengthening the bidding process on one player, you slow the entire process.

Request to post players must be received by Aug. 13th in order to be considered for posting.

If you are still short on required players AFTER the free agent bidding, you may acquire players at $200,000 each, with a salary cap hit of $300,000 (half of which will carry over to next season). Each acquired player must be released after the season. This equals a $500,000 acquisition fee and it hits your cap for next season as well. This includes players who have been "closed" with no bids.



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