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WFL Constitution (Rules)

The WFL (Wasatch Football League) was and is designed to allow for "dream teams" to be drafted and play head-to-head in a competitive nature. the league has evolved under new ownership and the format has changed to a simulation league. The league uses Action! PC Football Computer Game from Dave Koch Sports.

Use the rules given by the game when playing games except for the rule modifications listed in this Constitution.

1.0 League Organization

1.1 The Wasatch Football League is a 24-team computer simulation replay league.

1.2 Owning your own game (the current Windows version), and the current season disk is, of course, required for all active coaches.

2.0 Season Dues

2.1 League dues are $5.00 for "life". You are expected to follow the rules and schedule. Coaches who do not will be removed from the league.

2.2 There are fines imposed upon late rosters and gross over-use of skill position players (QBs, RBs, WRs, TEs). See the fine table for more information.

2.3 League fees are non-refundable.

2.4 Coaches are reviewed at the end of each season and renewals are sent out to those who qualify.

2.5 Coaches who do not follow league rules, consistently misuse or overuse players, or verbally abuse other coaches may be removed from the league at the discression of the commissioner.

3.0 Rosters

3.1 There is a 70 player maximum per team. Each coach must be at or below the league's salary cap at all times. There is no player minimum, although you must meet all position minimums.

3.2 To avoid the "stashing" of players, after the regular season, each coach must cut their rosters to 45 (forty-five) players. Your collegiate draft picks will be included in the list of 45. The players which are cut will become free agents.

3.3 Sending in a copy of your final roster to be posted on the website is requried.

3.4 Final rosters are due to the commissioner at the time the commissioner specifies.

3.5 To begin each season you MUST have at least:

QB - 3

RB - 4

WR - 4

TE - 3

OT - 3

OG - 3

C - 2

DE - 3

DT - 3

ILB- 3

OLB- 3

CB - 4

S - 4

3.6 FG Kicker with at least 20 Attempts

3.7 Punter with 40 Punts

3.8 A kick returner with at least 20 returns

3.9 A punt returner with at least 20 returns

3.10 The commissioner will perform all edits to the team disk. Any roster movements must be sent to the commissioner, no exceptions.

4.0 Transactions

4.1 All trades are to be reported promptly to the commissioner. The Commissioner may void any trade that does not comply with WFL rules or which might jeopardize the balance of the WFL. Coaches may override the commissioner veto by a 19 of 23 vote of all coaches (excluding the Commissioner).

4.2 The "trading season" lasts from April 1, to before your roster and disk are due. Trading is not allowed other than these times.

4.3 Trades are "unofficial" and not reported until both coaches confirm the trade to the commissioner.

4.4 Note: You may trade draft choices for future seasons, however, should a coach leave the league and you own his future pick, you will forfeit that pick(s). However, you may be awarded compensatory selections as designated by the Commissioner. Please note the word "may" - as you are not guaranteed a selection.

5.0 Scheduling

5.1 There are 16 regular season games followed by the post-season Super Bowl tournament.

6.0 Playing the Game

6.1 We use "real home field advantage" in the WFL. Each team will be allowed to create their own stadium, complete with it own weather patterns. It is recommended, although not required, to base the weather patterns after the area in which you live.

6.2 All games are simulated by the computer. You can send it a coaching file each week to be uploaded on the disk. The coaching file is due by noon Eastern each Wednesday.

6.4 Configuration: Based on number of wins over the last three seasons (translation to attendance and crowd participation) the "home field advantage" is calculated.

Number of wins Advantage
12.0 and above
9.0 - 11.99
7.5 - 8.99
5.0 - 7.49
4.99 and below

6.5 Note: Any team in the league less than three years is placed at "2" regardless of history. Any team in the league five years or more is guaranteed at least a "3" regardless of record (i.e. strong fan base -- Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Denver, etc.).

6.6 There are no ties in the WFL, and overtime is unlimited.

7.0 Player Limitations

7.1 Each Rusher (including quarterbacks), Receiver and Passer is limited 110% of their actual attempts for the current season of play (with exceptions as outlined below). Trick Plays (end arounds, non-quarterback passes, etc.) are limited to their actual real-life attempts.

For the limits of all other players see below:

Kick Returns and Punt Returns

7.2 Returners with 20 or more returns are unlimtied. All others are limited to 110% of their attempts.

7.3 Punt Returners with a 7.0 average or below with NO TDS are unlimited

7.4 Kick Returners with an 18.0 average or below with NO TDS are unlimited


7.5 Receivers with 35 or lower receptions with an average of 9.0-14.9 are limited to 40 receptions.  Receivers with 35 or lower receptions averaging 15.0 or higher are limited to 25 receptions or their actual number of receptions, whichever is higher (the 110% rule does NOT apply to these receivers). Receivers with 35 or lower receptions with an average of 8.9 or lower are limited to 60 receptions.

Note: The game has a built in factor which reduces the quarterbacks completions percentage and increases the interception percentage when attempting to throw to one of these receivers.


7.6 Passers with a QB rating of 59.9 or lower are unlimited.


7.9 Any rusher with less than 60 NFL attempts is limited to 15 attempts per game.  Note: The Game Fatigue will handle these limit issues.

8.0 Protected Lists

8.1 On February 15th of each year, you will send your list of 45 players (Collegiate draft picks included) to the Commissioner. All players NOT included on your list of 45 will be listed separate and will be placed on the Re-distribution List. These rosters will be posted on the Web Page.

The game's internal drafting feature will assign ten players to each team in random fashion in order of the draft (thus helping to improve the weaker teams in the league).

On May 15th, an auto generated numerical system will pick six (6) players from each roster and those players will be free agents.

Exceptions are listed below and are used AFTER free agents are announced.

Franchise Tag: The player is resigned for the average salary of the top five at his position or a 20% raise over his previous salary, whichever is higher. Salary number to be determined once the salaries from USA Today are posted.

Transitional Tag: The team has the right to match the highest offer placed on the player in free agency.

Restricted: Players with three years of league experience. Players signed by another team must give draft pick compensation as dictated by the commissioner. Note: the compensation will be determined before free agency bidding begins.

Not Eligible: Players with two years or less of league experience.

Recent Signings: Any player marked as a free agenty that was signed the year before as a free agent is taken off the list and the salary from the previous year carries forward.

9.0 Free Agency/Salary Cap

9.1 The WFL uses a modified version of the NFL's salary cap, as follows:

  • NFL salary cap is $85.5 million for the 2006 Season
  • Teams must cut down their rosters (total) to 45 players by February 15th.  Any players cut will be placed in the free agency pool.
  • Full roster cuts are due by June 1. Any roster cuts thereafter, half the player's salary is counted against the salary cap, and there may be a carry-over to future years
  • Free Agency Bidding to be done via the Web with June 15th being the start of bids
  • Any inactive player on I/R with a salary less than $1M can be excluded from cap total
  • If you trade a player acquired in free agency in the same year, half of the player's salary counts against your cap total and may carry over to future years
  • Any player aquired by free agency and cut the same year, half the salary is counted against the cap and is listed as a signing bonus.
  • If a coach must have players assigned to their team to fulfill roster requirements, they will be done so by the Commissioner. The players must be released following the season and the salaries shall be a base of $200,000 and a salary bonus of $300,000.
  • Any overage of the salary cap will result in a fine of $250,000 per day until the team comes in compliance with the salary cap.
  • Salary Cap penalties issues in the previous year will carry forward by half. For example, if a team is fined $1,000,000 for overages during a season, that team is accessed $500,000 the following season. This is done to ensure that league rules are complied with - regardless of a team's standing with the salary cap. If the carry over results in a number below $100,000, the carry over is dropped.

9.2 To ensure that Free Agency is both realistic and fast, the following process will be done:

  • The free agent list is posted
  • Each team submits a "blind" list to the Commissioner of up to 35 players
  • Each coach will assign the most he is willing to pay each player on his list of 35
  • The highest bidding coach will be awarded the player
  • Exception: If the next closest bid is within 20% of the highest bid, the player will go to the free agent bidding board.
  • The bidding board will last for exactly one week.
  • All bids must be done in 10% increments over the previous bid
  • All players receiving bids on the final day of bidding, will go into a "blind bid" with ALL coaches who bid on the player that week, with the highest blind bid winning.

9.3 This will allow for the free agent process to take ten days at maximum. All roster positions are filled without the headaches of checking a message board every day for an entire month.

10.0 Post Season Play

10.1 Qualification: Six division winners qualify and the six non-division winning teams with the best record qualify as wild-card teams. There are no separate conferences.

10.2 Seeding: 1-12 seeding will be done with the qualifying teams. The top four teams receive a bye for the opening round. The top seed plays the lowest seed.

First Round: 12 teams - 4 games (bottom 8 teams)
Second Round: 8 teams - 4 games
Third Round: 4 teams - 2 games
Super Bowl: 2 teams - 1 game

10.3 Player Limitations: All limited ball carriers, passers and receivers are limited to 1/10th of their WFL regular season attempts per game. Any fractions are dropped. For example, if a player had 300 NFL attempts, he would be limited to 330 in the WFL, or 33 in each playoff game. Limited returners and trick plays fall under this rule as well. If this procedure results in a number less than one, the player is limited to one attempt for the entire playoff season.

10.4 To sumarize the other positions:

Kick Returns and Punt Returns

10.5 Main returners are unlimited. All others are limited to 10% of their attempts per game.

10.6 Punt Returners with a 7.0 average or below with NO TDS are unlimited

10.7 Kick Returners with an 18.0 average or below with NO TDS are unlimited


10.8 With 35 or less actual receptions with an average of 14.9 or lower are limited to 5 receptions per game. Receivers averaging 15.0 or higher are limited to 10% of their WFL regular season receptions per game (with 35 or less actual receptions).


10.9 Passers with a QB rating of 59.9 or lower are unlimited

11.0 The Draft

11.1 The WFL will have an 8-round draft broken up in two parts. The first is a three round draft the night before the NFL draft. Each player eligible for the NFL draft is eligible to be drafted. The second is held two weekends later on Saturday morning lasting five rounds. This draft is done with full knowledge of which players were draft by each NFL team and at what selection.

12.0 Fine Table

The fine schedule is as follows:

12.1 Note: If a player is overused by more than 10% of their WFL limits, that player will become a free agent.

12.2 Each overage of attempt: $50,000 for salary cap

12.3 Each overage of yardage in accordance with the attempts $5,000 for salary cap.

12.4 Late rosters and disks $750,000 plus $250,000 per day

12.5 Non-compliance with the salary cap is $250,000 per day

12.6 A "no-show" on draft day is $200,000 per draft choice the league makes on your behalf

12.7 These fines are there as a sort of incentive if you will to complete your commitment to the other league members on time and not over-use your players.  This allows for additional free agents to become available should a coach not perform his duties. Note: The fines for late games will double for each successive occurance.

13.0 Powers of the Commissioner

13.1 Resolution of Conflicts: The Commissioner will resolve any conflicts that arise that he determines are not practical for a league vote. Any ruling by the Commissioner may be overturned by a league wide veto of at least 16 votes within two weeks of the Commissioner's decision. Protesting coach(es) and commissioner are excluded.

13.2 League Management: The Commissioner shall manage league affairs such as finances, dues, the draft, schedules, newsletters, stat reports, backup coaches, expansion, administration of rules and the general operation of the league. The Commissioner may delegate any of these duties to league members who volunteer as he sees fit.

13.3 Dismissal of Members: The Commissioner may dismiss any league member for not following league rules, non-payment of dues, excessive lateness or for operating in a manner not in the league's best interest, in the opinion of the Commissioner.

13.4 Other Issues: The Commissioner will rule on any issue not specifically covered in this Constitution as the need arises.

13.5 Exporting Coaches Fle. Fill out your lineups, and make all substitutions necessary. Select Coach and begin programming both your Offensive and Defensive coaches. Go through all categories. This is important to do in case you are not available to play one of your games. You want to then go into the Player Usage area and program how your players should be used in the game. This is especially important if you have limited or role-type players. You then click Utilites | Export Coach and send me the COA file it creates.

13.6 You are allowed to make changes to an offensive lineman, defensive lineman, linebacker, and/or defensive back. Please see the table below.  To modify a player, please submit your request to the commissioner and the change will be made. You may NOT modify two players in a grouping (i.e. two offensive lineman), the modifications are limited to one per group.

T = changed to C-G-T (they will be able to play any OL Position). DE = changed to DL (able to play DE or DT).
G = changed to C-G-T (they will be able to play any OL Position). DT = changed to DL (able to play DE or DT).
C = changed to C-G-T (they will be able to play any OL Position). ILB = changed to LB (able to play ILB or OLB).
  OLB = changed to LB (able to play ILB or OLB).
  CB = changed to DB (able to play CB or S).
  S = changed to DB (able to play CB or S).


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