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Welcome to the home of the Wasatch Football League (WFL). This is NOT your typical fantasy football league, this is a true "Thinking Man's Football League."

We offer the following:

See the current status of the league

Get the current disk of the league (Action PC Football required for viewing)

  • 24 teams with continuous player ownership
  • Individual ownership
  • NFL Salary Cap
  • Free Agency with Live Bidding process
  • 50-70 player rosters
  • Trading
  • Full 8 round Collegiate Draft
  • Custom Stadiums
  • Realistic Usage
  • Computer Simulation Play
  • "Home Field Advantage"

2006 Collegiate Draft
Check out the 8 round Collegiate Draft for 2006. The first three rounds were held the day before the NFL Draft and the following five rounds were held AFTER the NFL Draft.

This is one of the best aspects of the league, as it is the reason why some coaches are consistent winners and others are not.

See Complete Draft Results

Free Agency - June 1st
The salaries from USA Today were released and free agency was completed. View the list of Free Agents.

If you are interested in being a coach in the WFL, please fill out the following form:

Years of Action! experience
Why would you make a good candidate?


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